You can whiten your teeth in many ways. For instance, you can use whitening toothpastes which remove stains on the surface of your teeth. This is one of the cheapest ways to whiten your teeth but is not very effective. You could also go for expensive options such as chemical whitening techniques. The question of how tooth whitening works therefore depends on the kind of whitening procedure used.

Our teeth whitening solution works in the following way-

1) First of all we administer an all-natural gel to your teeth. Unlike other services, ours is peroxide-free and 100% safe so it won’t damage your teeth in any way.

2) Secondly we place two mouthguards onto your teeth, leaving them there for 15 minutes.

3) Thirdly, after removing the mouthguards we apply our dental grade LED Lamp which will activate the whole whitening process.

4) Once we are finished, your teeth will become naturally whiter for up to 6 months.

Over The Counter Products

One of the less effective methods of teeth whitening is using over-the-counter products. There are many teeth whitening products readily available in chemists and supermarkets. These products include whitening gels, whitening strips and boil and bite tray applications. These products are the cheapest for whitening teeth i.e. costing between $10 and $45, some of which contain bleaching agents which remove stains. These methods are not very effective.

Chemical procedures

These methods utilise chemical and/or physical action to remove stains on the surface of teeth. A good example of chemical procedures are whitening toothpastes which contain special abrasive polishing agents that remove stains during the  teeth brushing process.

Basically, teeth whitening works differently depending on the method you choose.  It is important to note that different methods differ in cost and effectiveness. For the best teeth whitening services in Sydney, Australia, feel free to visit your closest PureSmile Teeth Whitening Studio today.