Need LED Light Therapy for Skin? Know about Its Process and Benefits!

If you are considering LED light therapy for skin, here is what you need to know about it. The scientific rationale behind LED light therapy The cells in your body, including skin cells, contain ATP (adenosine triphosphate) which allows them to repair themselves, regenerate, and heal. However, this natural healing ability can be slowed down … Continued

Best Acne Scar Treatments or Home Remedies

Need to eliminate those unsightly acne scars in a hurry? Here are a few proven methods that work, including acne scar home remedies that are surprisingly effective! 1. Photorejuvenation A specialised skin treatment process that involves injected light and laser pulses on the skin. Photorejuvenation may be used to treat skin pigmentation and remove age … Continued

7 Tips for Radiant Flawless Skin

Does your skin look and feel lackluster? Everyone, whether young or old, yearns to have healthy, flawless skin. Healthy, radiant skin is a sign of good health. It also helps to add grace to your overall beauty. Here are seven tips to get your skin glowing from top to toe. Increase circulation This is one of … Continued