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The best teeth whitening clinic in Cairns

  • Feel assured and comfortable to use our professional cosmetic teeth whitening services, delivered by our highly experienced and qualified tooth whitening experts.
  • Our low teeth whitening Cairns cost removes your stress and worries about money, especially if you are on a tight budget for whitening teeth. Our treatments start at only $143.20. And remember to always save more by booking online on our website! We will give 20% discount on all online bookings.
  • If you are short on time, our treatments can perfectly suit you. We can whiten your teeth in less than 1 hour, but the result can even last for years!
  • Our technicians are all frequently trained and updated with the latest teeth whitening technologies, ensuring a comfortable teeth whitening experience for you.
  • We only use safe and accredited products in our teeth whitening procedures – customers’ oral health is always our first and foremost priority.
  • We always follow up with customers after treatments to help them maintain their bright smiles for longer. Remember not to drink coffee, tea, soft drinks and red wine if you don’t want your teeth to be discoloured again quickly!
  • For those who do not want to attend in-chair teeth whitening sessions, or want to better take care of your teeth at home after treatment, we offer a variety of high quality take-home teeth whitening products such as whitening gel, whitening kits, enamel booster, toothbrushes, custom made whitening trays, etc. Check out the range here!

Our teeth whitening services in Cairns

Cosmetic teeth whitening Cairns

There are 3 cosmetic teeth whitening treatments for our customers in Cairns to choose from: Executive Treatment, Platinum Treatment & Signature Treatment, What’s similar between them is that they all come with full initial consultation with our experts, as we always strive to ensure a safe and comfortable treatment with no damages to enamel and gum. What’s more at PureSmile is that we take your personal situation into consideration very seriously and come up with a personally tailored solution based on your needs and teeth whitening budget.

Dentist teeth whitening Cairns

This treatment suits those who are looking for a more thorough dental check-up and consultation prior to laser teeth whitening. Our experienced dentists will carefully examine your teeth condition, gum and enamel and offer a treatment based on your oral health. Of course, dentist teeth whitening packages are more costly than cosmetic ones.

The good news is that our dentist teeth whitening is affordable and cheaper than most other places. Normally dentist teeth whitening can cost around $650 or more. However, PureSmile basic dental whitening package is only $499 and the deluxe checkup and whitening package only costs $549.

Whiten your teeth with PureSmile clinic in Cairns today!

Thinking of doing teeth whitening in Cairns? PureSmile should be your number one choice! Our treatments are effective, quick,  affordable and safe with instant and long-lasting results.

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