Tips To Help You Lighten Your Dark Lips 

The lips are one of the top facial features anyone notices when they first look at you. That’s why it’s important to make sure that they’re smooth, youthful and free from any kind of pigmentation. Dark lips are a common problem that affects both men and women. Fortunately, there are some tips that can be … Continued

What Does Sugar Do To Your Teeth?

Tooth decay is the destruction of your tooth enamel, the hard, outer layer of your teeth & produced by oral bacteria. There exists an active relationship between sugars and oral health problems. Consumed sugar may occur naturally or be an additive. A multiple of factors in addition to sugar affect the tooth decay process. These include type of food … Continued

Advanced Teeth Whitening: How To Do It The Right Way

There are many things to take into consideration when it comes to teeth whitening. The truth is that you have to be patient in following specific practices to eliminate yellow stains on your teeth. At the same time, you must also make an effort to avoid some food items or beverages because they can cause … Continued

Top 6 Beauty Tips You Need To Learn Today

Staying beautiful can be a challenging thing to do, especially nowadays when we are already surrounded by pollution. First of all, exposure under the scorching heat of the sun can make our skin dry. Second, the air pollution caused by chemical emissions from industrial plants or even transportation facilities can lead to some serious skin … Continued

Here Is What They Don’t Tell You About Having White Teeth

Who doesn’t want white teeth? Having a killer smile is something everyone yearns for, however, it largely depends on how appealing your teeth are. Despite the plenty information available online on how one can have naturally white teeth, most of them do not reveal all the information. In this quick guide, I bring you fully … Continued

Home Remedy Tips to Remove Plaque and Tarter Build-up

Your smile is indeed your best accessory. Isn’t it? Well, your smile is the gesture of joy, love, and good spirit. So, do you want to get whiter, brighter teeth so that you can flaunt a perfect smile without a second thought? If yes, then you have landed on the right page. As you already … Continued

How LED Therapy for Skin Works

If you are considering LED light therapy for skin, here is what you need to know about it. The scientific rationale behind LED light therapy The cells in your body, including skin cells, contain ATP (adenosine triphosphate) which allows them to repair themselves, regenerate, and heal. However, this natural healing ability can be slowed down … Continued

Best Acne Scar Treatments or Home Remedies

Need to eliminate those unsightly acne scars in a hurry? Here are a few proven methods that work, including acne scar home remedies that are surprisingly effective! 1. Photorejuvenation A specialised skin treatment process that involves injected light and laser pulses on the skin. Photorejuvenation may be used to treat skin pigmentation and remove age … Continued

7 Tips for Radiant Flawless Skin

  Does your skin look and feel lackluster? Everyone, whether young or old, yearns to have healthy, flawless skin. Healthy, radiant skin is a sign of good health. It also helps to add grace to your overall beauty. Here are seven tips to get your skin glowing from top to toe. Increase circulation This is one … Continued

Aftercare: Getting the Most Out of Your Teeth Whitening Session

  After getting your teeth whitened, you’ll want to follow the aftercare instructions so you can get the most out of the experience. A single procedure can do wonders for improving your smile, but only if you follow the instructions given by your dentist or cosmetic specialist There could be many foods in your diet … Continued

Three ‘Whats’ on Adult Acne and Scarring

Acne is one of the most common skin concernissues people have, even out of theiroutside their teenage years. Getting a pimple or five can be very frustrating, especially if there are dark marks or deep scars left behind. The emotional and physical effects of these spots can last well after a breakout calms down. The … Continued

Achieve Your Career Goals with a Great Smile

Did you know that having a great set of pearly whites makes you feel more confident and can help you land your dream position? Although having straight, white teeth won’t improve your resume or CV, it can certainly make a huge impression during your job interview. Dr. Dacher Keltner, a psychology professor at the University … Continued