Your smile is more than just the first thing your potential date will notice; it is also often the first thing that they will remember when recalling your encounter. Indeed, research shows that 48 per cent of individuals think that a smile is the most memorable facial feature when meeting someone for the first time. Thus, that makes teeth the number one dating dealbreaker.

Studies Reveal What Makes You Look More Trustworthy and Attractive to Your Potential Date

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In 2007, a study called “The Impact of Whiter Teeth on Key First Impressions” simulated first dates, and found that 59 percent of the participants were perceived to be more outgoing after having their teeth whitened. Sixty-one percent were also viewed as more confident, and 52 percent were deemed as more trustworthy.

In 2013, the dating site conducted a survey revealed that out of the 5,500 participants, who were unattached adults, 58 percent of men and 71 percent of women ranked teeth as the most important asset a date can have. Grammar, hair, clothes, nails, and tattoos only come secondary. Aside from these findings, the survey also showed that trustworthiness, making a partner laugh, and physical attractiveness are among the top needs in a relationship – all of which can be improved with an amazing set of pearly whites.

Teeth Whitening Can Help You Win a Second Date

With these statistics in mind, a great way to start increasing your chances of leaving a good impression – enough to compel your date to give you another call after a successful first – is to whiten and straighten your teeth.

Cosmetic teeth whitening can make you look younger. We tend to associate youth with attractiveness, and one way to keep looking five to thirteen years younger than your actual age is teeth whitening.

Naturally, teeth wear as you age. The enamel will get thinner, causing your teeth to sport a yellowish or grayish color. Repairing the damages time and lifestyle habits have done to your pearly whites through cosmetic teeth whitening can make all the difference when it comes to rejuvenating your looks.

The ruthless reality is that we tend to judge people harshly when they have crooked and stained teeth. We also tend to feel uncomfortable with people who have unsmiling faces. Smiles signify friendship, openness, trust, happiness, and kindness. They are also contagious; it’s hard not to smile back when someone smiles at you.

Cosmetic teeth whitening can help you gain more confidence in the way you look, and confidence is also one of the most attractive qualities you can have. If you feel good about your pearly whites, you will tend to smile more; the more you smile, the more you look warm, glowing, and inviting.

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