Sonic Toothbrush – PureSmile

$149.00 AUD

PureSmile SonicBrush is a type of electric toothbrush, specifically a sonic toothbrush, that effectively removes plaque and improves gum health while giving you an excellent brushing experience and top-notch oral care. SonicBrush Features:
  • 31,000-40,000 electric toothbrush vibrations per minute
  • Convenient USB battery charging with 90-day single charge battery life - beating most electric toothbrushes out there!
  • 3 sonic toothbrush intensity settings and 5 brushing modes for excellent results
  • Intelligent memory allowing you to save your preferred sonic brush cleaning settings
  • IPX-7 electric toothbrush waterproofing

Clean Mode:

This is the best mode to remove plaque (default mode). Clean mode includes four 30-second quad pacer intervals, indicated by a signal. This signal reminds you to move to another section of your mouth to make sure you efficiently brush your teeth using the most effective sonic electric toothbrush in Australia.

White Mode:

This mode uses sonic toothbrush vibration with alternate amplitudes to remove plaque, stains and whiten your teeth. Tip: For best oral care and whitening results, please try to combine your electric toothbrush with PureSmile Teeth Whitening Foam and use twice daily. Remember to not rinse your teeth after brushing to enhance your results.

Sensitive Mode:

Extra gentle brushing mode for sensitive teeth and gums. PureSmile SonicBrush has the most efficient sonic brush head, with soft bristles, among all other brush heads of electric toothbrush out there.

Gum Care:

This sonic electric toothbrush mode uses long amplitude vibrations to gently massage your gums.


Strong sonic toothbrush vibration mode to whiten and polish your teeth.   If you have more questions about this electric toothbrush, feel free to contact us via call or leave us a message on the chatbox with your email address and we will get back to you in a jiffy! So, what are you waiting for? Treat your teeth with the best oral care using PureSmile SonicBrush, the most efficient sonic toothbrush in Australia.

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