We sat down with Founder and CEO of LOVEBYT, Tash Scutts, to take a deep dive in all things health, beauty and wellness. Find out more about what inspires her to take care of herself everyday below!

What is your background.

I was the Head Buyer at Bassike for 8 years.

Where do you go to feel inspired?

When I go shopping. I look at packaging, products, marketing and this inspires me.

What does Wellness mean to you?

Wellness is health and happiness.

How do you practice wellness in your everyday life?

I surround myself with happy, loving and fun people that bring me joy. I love to exercise most days and eat delicious nutrient dense foods. I love my morning and night time beauty rituals of brushing my teeth, treating my hair with masks and cleansing and moisturising my face with chemical free products.

How do you like to exercise?

I walk around Palm Beach almost every day and then swim in the ocean.

Which three words sum up your approach to beauty?

Keep it simple.

What’s your all-time favourite beauty trick?

I love to wear a lip and cheek tint. I often just use lipstick to do the job of both.

What is your favourite beauty food?

I love any Ottolenghi salad and a carrot, beetroot, ginger and orange juice.

Are you hooked on any health trends right now?

Switching from chemical laden makeup, face creams and toothpastes to natural alternatives. You can feel the difference in the quality of natural products immediately. Skin and mouth issues clear up overnight. I recently started using Eve Perez makeup and am so impressed with this brand.

Why has toothpaste not until now been included in the clean beauty space?

For the past 140 years we have been led to believe that the mainstream toothpaste brands have our best interests in mind. We do our weekly shopping and pick up a tube of toothpaste without considering what it’s made from.

It’s only now that we have started questioning what goes into our face creams, hair products and now toothpaste. We have access to information about ingredients and the studies that have been done on their side effects. It was only a matter of time before mainstream toothpaste ingredients were challenged.

Why do you think more consumers are embracing natural toothpaste?

Five years ago, we only had two very opposite choices in toothpaste. Natural or Mainstream. Natural toothpastes were unappealing both in their crunchy texture, taste and consistency. They were also a bit ‘hippy’ and only available in health stores whereas mainstream toothpaste is cheap and readily available.

Customers are becoming more health conscious and educated. Using a natural toothpaste like LOVEBYT that ticks the boxes of being effective in oral care, tasting good and high is user satisfaction. It’s hard to go back to the mainstream chemical laden brands.

Once you try our natural toothpaste you won’t go back. These toothpastes are more expensive; however, you don’t need to use a huge amount on your brush. The tube will last about three months for one person which makes the cost work out to be very similar over the year compared to mainstream. Plus, it’s an investment into your long-term health. No one needs a mouth full of chemicals.

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When did you launch LOVEBYT and why?

I found my brand in August 2017 after I’d spent a long time brainstorming ideas for a product that was distinctive for men and women who are both health and style conscious.

With so much noise out there around healthy eating, and the so-called kitchen market, I’d noticed a recent shift towards the bathroom sector and non-food items, including healthier skincare and make-up products. Looking for an opportunity in this area which wasn’t already saturated, I chose to invest in toothpaste.

Where did the name LOVEBYT come from?

Love by T (Tash ) that’s me. We put it together and it spelt LOVEBYT. And the .com was available. This came from a family brainstorming night. It was my daughter who thought of it.

What has been your biggest challenge so far?

For the first year of business I attended 3 markets each weekend to get my name out and meet my customers. Challenging in the sense of hard work setting up, travelling long distances in the very early hours of the morning. And the weather- rain , hail or shine.

What are some ways you can incorporate products from Lovebyt into a wellness routine?

I would recommend using LOVEBYT’s Peppermint or Cinnamon & Clove toothpaste in the morning. Whilst brushing your teeth, spend a moment breathing in the essential oils we use in our formulas. This helps clear the head and relieves stress and anxiety. They are truly uplifting. Followed by LOVEBYT’s botanical dental flossing and finishing off with a small swish of Peppermint Botanical Mouthwash. This will start your day with the freshest of breath and a clear head. Wind down at night with Charcoal & Mint toothpaste. Spend an extra minute brushing your teeth with this gentle whitening formula to help polish stains and absorb bad odours. Followed by a floss and another swish of mouthwash to settle and balance your oral microbiome.

Goals for 2021

I will launch a kids range of toothpastes and another flavour of LOVEBYT toothpaste. As well as a mini range of LOVEBYT toothpastes for travel.

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About The Brand

Meet LOVEBYT, Australia’s first-ever all-natural, cruelty-free and vegan toothpaste; transforming the ordinary into something extraordinary, one toothpaste tube at a time with a catchy logo.

lovebyt botanical toothpaste
The brainchild of Northern Beaches native, Tash Scutts, LOVEBYT has been expertly formulated with zero nasties, to achieve a bright, healthy smile, thanks to its perfect blend of premium, natural ingredients.

LOVEBYT toothpaste

Packed with natural plaque, gingivitis and cavity fighting ingredients such as charcoal, tea tree oil, peppermint oil, eucalyptus, xylitol, clove, cinnamon, chamomile and calendula, LOVEBYT is not only gentle on sensitive teeth but also promotes fresh breath and a healthy, clean mouth.

Choose from three deliciously distinct flavours, Charcoal & Mint, Cinnamon & Clove and Peppermint, that are as tasty as they are healthy.

Elevate your oral routine and your bathroom vanity with LOVEBYTs distinctive packaging, each of which has drawn inspiration from fashion, art and design and has been beautifully wrapped in an exclusive design by iconic Australian artist, Bruce Goold.

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