Can you imagine, what an awesome look you will have, if you possess real clean white teeth with the right choice of lipstick tones?!

Lips with lipstick onWomen Listen up….Do you want a simple trick on how to make your teeth look whiter and appealing? If so, choosing the best and appropriate shade of lipstick will do. It is a wallet-friendly way and is proven tricks in making your teeth look whiter and appealing! There are several experiments done and proved that applying a right choice of lipstick, really makes teeth look whiter and appealing. For sure, you will have all the confidence and nothing can stop you from smiling.

Follow these hacks for choosing the right lipstick colors

Lipstick Colors and Tones to Choose From

In a situation that you hadn’t enough time to use a teeth whitening pen or one of our home kits you can try some of these lipsticks that can make your teeth look whiter and better.

Pinky nude lipstick. Don’t simply choose the nude lipstick that tends to appear peach or brown because it makes teeth appear yellowish. Instead, choose pinky nude lipstick. This makes teeth look brighter and whiter.

Pink lipstick. Pink can be very tricky. It may look cool, but it doesn’t always look good for everyone. The best color to make your teeth look whiter is the pink lipsticks with slightly purple tones or the berry pink. Never choose tones that tend to be pinkish-orange or lean yellow because it makes teeth appear yellowish.

Red lipstick with blue base tones lipsticks. A red lipstick with blue base tone provides great whitening effect on teeth. On the contrast, red that tends to be orange tone can make your teeth look yellow.

Brown lipstick. When choosing a brown lipstick, be sure to stay away from the warm tones. It will make your teeth appear yellow, instead try purple, brown and seek for blue undertone. It can make our teeth whiter.

If you are searching for lipstick perfect for all seasons and can make your teeth whiter, Easy Mauve lipstick is the best option for you. As an advice, don’t choose a lipstick tone that appears to have darker shades because it makes your teeth appear yellowish.

Here’s how you get the best results

Choosing the right tone of lipstick will always help you to have an appealing smile, yet undergoing a PureSmile teeth whitening treatment can always make your teeth shine, clean and appealing anytime. If you want an awesome smile, have your teeth whitening and choose the appropriate lipstick tones.

Are you worried for teeth whitening treatment after effects? There’s no need to worry. Choose a cosmetic dental clinic that offers safe and all natural treatment. PureSmile in Australia can always help you. It offers treatment that makes it gentle on teeth and gums.

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