1. Hi Alexia, we are delighted to have you in our PureSmile family. Can you please tell us a bit more about yourself?

I’m a Cosmetic Tattooist and Skin Therapist. I’m incredibly passionate about client outcomes and making sure all clients within my clinic are well looked after. Having my own business wasn’t an easy process. For 1 year I worked 7 days between a full-time government-corporate job and then fitted in with clients after hours and weekends. This allowed me to grow., it was full on! However, it has been a very rewarding challenge and I love where I am now and the direction I am going.


2. When did you start your business and why did you choose to offer PureSmile teeth whitening to your clients?

PureSmile_Goodwood clinic

I started the business in 2001 doing mobile makeup & hair for weddings and special occasions on weekends. When I introduced cosmetic tattooing and skin therapies to my services, the beauty industry was (really) growing so the timing was perfect to level up! I introduced Puresmile teeth whitening when I opened up my first clinic as this would be very complementary to the business and service in demand for both male & female clients.


3. What other treatments do you offer? Is there anything particular that you specialise in?

All beauty services and the latest trends. I specialise in advanced skin treatments like HIFU, Plasma Lift Fibroblast, and Cosmetic Tattooing. including paramedic tattooing like areola/nipple. Other popular treatments at the moment are Dermaplaing and Brow Lamination.


4. Are you planning to introduce any new services to your clients in the near future?

Absolutely! I just recently launched Cryo Fat-Freezing. It’s important to stay at the forefront of the beauty industry so we’ll see what will be next.


For more information about Alexia, Adelaide’s premier destination for skin and beauty services visit their website

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