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You can now visit a Puresmile clinic in the Gosford area. Be sure to book your appointment ahead of time to avail of our teeth whitening treatments or buy our products online.

Instant teeth whitening treatment
Use the state-of-the-art technology
Our clinic operating hours vary according to the location

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We are the number 1 teeth whitening service in Gosford

  • Highly trained and experienced experts with many years servicing customers in Gosford and surrounding areas
  • Deliver instant and long-lasting results – our teeth whitening process is quick and effective. We can whiten your teeth in less than 1 hour – perfect for those who are busy and short on time
  • Safe and accredited products
  • A wide range of take home teeth whitening products is available. Choose from teeth whitening gel, whitening trays, whitening pen, Sonic toothbrushes, enamel booster and more.
  • One of the lowest teeth whitening prices in Gosford, starting at only $143.20.

Which teeth whitening services are we offering in Gosford?

We are offering both cosmetic teeth whitening and dentist teeth whitening. Dentist packages are more costly but can give you extra assurance and peace of mind as the process is carried out under the supervision of qualified dentists.

Cosmetic teeth whitening treatments are more economical options but can still deliver impressive results! Even if you choose cosmetic treatment, we still provide you with a full initial consultation to ensure the most comfortable and safest teeth whitening procedure for you.

How whiter can my teeth be?

Our treatments are clinically proved to make your teeth 6-8 shades whiter.

How long can my teeth whitening result last?

No teeth whitening treatment is permanent. However, we guarantee that our treatment results can be maintained for at least 6 months, and even longer if you follow our advice and use our specialised teeth whitening products to take care of your teeth at home. Remember to avoid drinking alcohol, tea, coffee and soft drinks, which can stain your teeth quickly.

Get a brighter smile with PureSmile teeth whitening Gosford today!

Don’t hesitate to book your teeth whitening session in Gosford with PureSmile today! All online bookings will receive a 20% discount, helping you save a lot on your teeth whitening cost.

Call us on 1300 858 199 if you have any enquiries about teeth whitening. Our devoted and friendly staff are always keen to help!