Jett Plasma Lift

$9,995.00 AUD

Basic Information:

  • Certified cosmetic device
  • Patented DC technology
  • Plasma treatment (ionized gas)
  • Simple handling and control
  • 6 intensities available
  • 4 applicators in the basic pack
  • Safety, efficiency and speed
  • Lightweight and portable
  • For professional cosmetic treatment
  • Visible results immediately - after the first treatment already
JETT PLASMA LIFT is a revolutionary cosmetic device applying a high efficiency plasma technology. Thanks to the unique technology, the JETT PLASMA LIFT device allows to achieve a long lasting effect. Compared with the competitors, the JETT PLASMA LIFT device has a great advantage consisting in the patented direct current technology, which enables to obtain better and longer lasting results.


JETT PLASMA LIFT generates the plasma discharge flux which, when acting on the tissues, triggers a specific response mechanism. Action of the plasma flux on the tissue enables to achieve a very effective peeling, tissue renewal, its strengthening, enhancement of elasticity, and also strengthens tissue resistance and its ability to defend itself. Any part of the body can be treated, using the JETT PLASMA LIFT device. The most common areas of treatment are face, neck, décolletage, bust and hands, but you can also apply it to the thighs and buttocks.