Let’s take a look at some of our favourite examples of celebrity’s teeth. Here at PureSmile We LOVE everything to do with teeth and having whiter smile!

Are you dreaming of make a lasting impression like your favourite celebrity? If so, having beautiful white teeth is the way to make your smile appealing and leave a lasting impression.

Sparkling white teeth with an appealing smile enables celebrities to have a high level of confidence and appeal, which makes them shine. Are you interested in having pearly white teeth like a famous celebrity? Do you want to unveil their secrets? If you do, discover the things that they have in common and learn their secrets in having sparkling white teeth. It’s your time to shine like a star.

Here are some famous celebrities with amazing teeth.  

tom-cruiseTom Cruise: Early in his career had misaligned, discoloured teeth, but now he has perfectly aligned white teeth with a smile that impresses everyone!  Cosmetic dentistry has helped Tom Cruise achieve his famous smile!   Nowadays, what makes women fantasize about Tom Cruise are his sparkling white teeth, his gorgeous smile and great looking appearance.

Nicholas Cage: had misaligned teeth early in his career.  But now, what you can see is perfectly aligned white teeth with a gorgeous smile. Do you want to know his secret? It is his teeth veneers that have given him that gorgeous smile.

Celine Dion: is one of the most famous singers in the world is. She had a voice like an angel, yet her teeth used to be yellowish and misaligned! After her career took off, she underwent cosmetic dentistry procedures. Now, when she smiles, what you see is her white and sparkling teeth that are properly aligned.

Morgan Freeman: is one of the best actors of his generation and an Oscar nominee. A few years ago, he had to whiten his teeth and have the gap in his teeth fixed. After consulting his cosmetic dentist and undergoing treatment, he looks younger. His younger looking appearance helped him greatly in various movie roles.

These famous celebrities, actors, and singers have one thing in common. They’ve experienced having yellowish, misaligned and discoloured teeth. Yet, it has not stopped them from being famous and from reaching their dreams. Undergoing a cosmetic dental process and teeth whitening treatment makes their teeth look great. It boosts their confidence and helps them gain admiration from people.

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Celebrities Who Have Less Than Perfect Smiles

PureSmile celebrates all teeth of all shapes colours and sizes! We still love our celebrities with less than perfect teeth. You would think large incomes mean the perfect smile, right? Wrong! Despite a steady cash flow, many celebrities have interesting or wonky teeth! Why might you ask?

There are many reasons celebrities may shy away from dental work, including pain, time off work or the simple fact that their teeth make them an individual! Despite the means to have perfect pearly whites, many celebs feel happy with their teeth the way they are. These eight celebrities have found peace with their unusual smiles, and worked them to their advantage. We couldn’t imagine them any other way!

kirsten-dunst-teeth-before-afterKirsten Dunst: is a beautiful celebrity with many lead roles under her belt. At first glance you might not notice, but Kirsten doesn’t have the perfect smile although you might think she does. Perhaps it was her unique teeth that allowed her to sweep Spiderman off his feet!

Ricky Gervais: is renowned for being hilarious both off the stage and on. His unusual teeth may add a certain individuality to his performances that he wouldn’t otherwise have! Ricky’s confidence shines through him, despite his interesting teeth.

Keira Knightley: is arguably one of the most attractive celebrities to date, even with her wonky teeth! Keira’s teeth give a certain ‘individual kick’ to her look, and despite not having the perfect smile, it never waves her confidence!

Jamie Oliver: is a stunner in the kitchen, however this celebrity Chef chooses not to have his teeth perfected. Clearly Jamie’s teeth don’t affect his amazing cooking skills and he is happy with his smile! His teeth do a wonderful job of eating his glorious food and that’s all that matters to him!

Avril Lavigne is a skater girl with the attitude to match. Avril has never had the perfect celebrity smile, but has always been confident in her appearance. The subtle differences in Avril’s teeth have set her apart from the rest of the crowd, allowing her to pursue her successful music career!

Jeremy Clarkson has had a successful career, despite the appearance of his teeth. The television star is confident and funny, regardless of the appearance of his smile. He appears too busy racing cars to worry about his teeth!

Teeth Whitening – The Easiest Way to Make Teeth Look Great

Are your teeth yellow and you want to look dazzling like your favourite celebrity? If so, it is not the end of your dream or career. Good oral habits help you have healthy teeth, but if you want a fast and easy solution for discoloured teeth, PureSmile can always help you. One of the product more efficient than your toothpaste is teeth whitening foam.


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