Avoiding these habits will benefit your teeth and prevent from potential damage.Woman holding a soda

#1 Eating and Drinking Acidic things

Drinks and food containing acid will soften your enamel and wear it away. Enamel protects and insulates your teeth, enamel loss may cause tooth sensitivity to hot and cold so watch your intake of acidic drinks and food such as orange juice, energy drinks, sports drinks, salad dressing tomatoes and red wine and excess amounts of fruit such as grapes, lemons and oranges.

After eating or drinking something acidic please avoid cleaning your teeth for 30 minutes as brushing may rub away the softened enamel. After a few glasses of red whine you should ultimately wait two hours to clean your teeth.

There is no surprise that adding sugar to coffee and tea is bad for your teeth as it is bad for your waistline. Sugar feeds the unhealthy bacteria in your mouth causing cavities and tooth decay. Day by day reduce the intake of sugar added to your hot drinks until you will be able to enjoy it without it.

#2 Smoking and Grinding

Smoking is definitely one of the worst habits for healthy and white teeth as it leaves stains, reduces blood supply to the gums and dries up saliva, contributing to bacteria, plaque and decay.
It also increases chances or cancers of the mouth and throat.

When we are stressed we often grind our teeth which may cause broken and chipped teeth. Another sign of grinding could be headaches, sore gums and teeth, jaw pain or even ear pain.
See your dentist to have a special guard fitted to wear at night. This will protect your teeth from the wear and tear of grinding. Couple minutes a day of mediation will also reduce stress.

#3 Chewing and Gnawing

Eating ice cubes and chewing pencils regularly can wear down, damage or erode the enamel protecting your teeth. Over time this damage may appear yellow and may absorb stains from red wine and caffeine.

Lastly do not use your teeth as tools. It can also cause chips, cracks and even loosen fillings and crowns.


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