New South Wales is currently going through one of the worst floods on record and has officially been declared a disaster. Evacuation orders have been issued across the south coast of Sydney after days and days of torrential rain. If you live in the area, you’d be lucky to be unscathed by the property damage to your homes or businesses. Homes have been abandoned and destroyed. Even lives have been lost. It has been a truly devastating time.

The floods and the impact on the community 

In this trying time, people are hurting. Those caught in the thick of the flooding are worrying about rebuilding and insurance, and their original way of life has been turned upside down. With homes lost and people displaced, there have been shortages of essential items such as food, clothing and dental hygiene products. This is where we stepped up to offer help. 

What we’re doing about it

Instead of sitting idly by, we are committed to doing our part to aid in the regrowth of those communities affected. PureSmile is ensuring that packs of toothpaste and oral health care products are being issued to those who need them. We are working with a coordinated group on the ground to ensure that all the supplies are being delivered to the communities that need them most. 

What you can do to help us help others

If you’re wondering how you can help, there are many different things you can do. You can donate to one of the many flood appeals, volunteer your time to help on the ground, or support businesses that are supporting the flood-impacted communities. 

Going forward, we will be donating one product for each product sold via our online shop until 30 April 2022. So please, help us help others by ensuring something as basic as everyday dental hygiene products are available to those affected by the floods. 

To act now, check out the NSW Government’s guide on how you can help, or buy your dental hygiene products at our online store.

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