Original Mint Toothpaste (100g)

$15.00 AUD

The Original Mint Toothpaste. Formulated with probiotic-rich and toxic-free ingredients for a fresh clean that lasts. Featuring hero hydroxyapatite, a safe and proven alternative to fluoride. - Designed for sensitive teeth, hydroxyapatite is a wonder ingredient that reduces tooth sensitivity. - A science backed and natural alternative to fluoride products. - Contains an oral probiotic to balance and nurture your oral microbiome. - Safe for kids! Turn bedtime brushing into something they'll actually want to do. Key ingredients:
Lactobacillus Salivarius: an oral probiotic that prevents the build-up of harmful bacteria, encourages the good bacteria and helps to establish a healthy oral microbiome. Hydroxyapatite: an alternative to fluoride (derived from coconut!) that's proven to remineralise and restore tooth enamel and reduce tooth discolouration. Calcium Carbonate: an earth mineral that we use as a mild abrasive to help prevent plaque build-up, remove surface stains, whiten and polish teeth. Menthol & Mentha Arvensis: these ingredients provide a clean aftertaste and long-lasting fresh breath.

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