SuperSmile Professional Whitening System

$99.00 AUD

Love to whiten, but hate sensitivity? This system is for you! Includes our signature Professional Whitening Toothpaste and Professional Whitening Accelerator which offer exceptional whitening results, but are safe and gentle enough to use every morning and night. Not only does this system whiten and brighten, but it also remineralizes enamel and eliminates plaque with every brush.  
  • Whitens teeth 6 shades in 5 days (on average) without sensitivity* (and we've got the studies to back it up!)
  • Remineralizes and restores enamel
  • Eliminates plaque 10X better than leading plaque-removing toothpaste* (because plaque is whack)
  • 75% less abrasive than the limit set by the ADA* (on a scale of 0-250, we're a 65)
  • On a dry toothbrush, place a pearl-sized drop of both the Professional Whitening Toothpaste and Professional Whitening Accelerator. Brush in circular motions for two minutes, twice daily.

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