Buccotherm Toothpaste

$19.00 AUD

Whitening and Care toothpaste, 75ml   Buccotherm Whitening & Care Toothpaste (75ml) enhances the removal of food deposits which can cause staining of teeth (tea, coffee and tobacco etc.). It helps restore teeth whitening without damaging the enamel. The Buccotherm toothpaste helps to fight against the formation of plaque and cavities and retards surface staining with the fluorine with basic pH contained in its formula.  The propolis extract and Thermal Water of Castera-Verduzan help soothe and heal, enabling the reduction of gingival sensitivity. It is also free from paraben, saccharin, dyes, and synthetic fragrances.

The active Ingredients:


25% Castéra-Verduzan Thermal Spring Water

  • Rich in minerals and trace elements
  • Thermal water soothes gum inflammation and mouth irritations
  • Helps reduce occasional bleeding, gum sensitivity and tooth decay

Propolis Extract & Fluoride (1450 ppm)

  • Antibacterial action
  • Protects teeth and mucous membrane from acid attacks
  • Prevents tooth decay

Natural Silica & Hydroxyapatite

  • Strengthen enamel and restore teeth's natural whiteness
  • Delay the superficial coloration of teeth
  • Helps fight dental plaque thus preventing tooth decay

Natural Fresh Mint Aroma

  • Long-lasting fresh breath