15 Beauty Tips to Get Rid of Dark or Black Lips

Tired of dealing with dark or black lips and longing for a naturally radiant pout? Don’t worry; we’re here to offer some help. Below, we will share 15 beauty tips to help you bid goodbye to those unwanted lip pigmentation woes. Pretty soon, you’ll say hello to luscious, rosy lips (a good match for your … Continued

Beauty & Health Tips for Women in Their 30s: Unleashing Your Fabulousness

Beauty & Health Tips for Women in Their 30s: Unleashing Your Fabulousness As we gracefully step into our thirties, it’s time to embrace our fabulousness with open arms. Our thirties are a beautiful stage of life where confidence meets wisdom. It’s also the perfect moment to prioritise self-care to make sure we’re glowing inside and … Continued

Top 5 Tips For Dental Care

When you’re going about your day-to-day, it’s important to smile with confidence. Unfortunately, if you don’t give your smile the care that it deserves, it will stand out for all the wrong reasons. It is widely understood in general dentistry circles that you don’t need dental veneers to have your teeth looking their best, you … Continued

Facts About Missing or Losing Teeth

To smile is to express yourself to others. Socially, it is one of the most key communicative tools we possess. So, when you’re missing a tooth, no wonder it can stand out like a sore thumb. Even though this can sometimes be associated with old age (or growing up, aka shedding baby teeth), losing teeth … Continued

How to make your Teeth Healthier

No one wants dentures. Being faced with the possibility that one day your teeth could lose their sparkle (and even fall out!) is a scary thought. It’s easy to forget how vulnerable your teeth are to decay and damage. Lots of people live each day, convinced that it won’t happen to them, despite not having … Continued

Maintain Your Teeth Health While Travelling

You’re packing your bags for your holiday. Your mind is racing with excitement for adventure and hunger to create new memories. Just before you get on your flight, it can be easy to forget about your oral health. Unfortunately, this can happen when your teeth are their most vulnerable. Believe it or not, it is … Continued

How to Help Us Help Others

New South Wales is currently going through one of the worst floods on record and has officially been declared a disaster. Evacuation orders have been issued across the south coast of Sydney after days and days of torrential rain. If you live in the area, you’d be lucky to be unscathed by the property damage … Continued

How to Have Whiter Teeth for Your Wedding Day

How to put the ‘white’ in ‘white wedding’ Your wedding day is a day to celebrate and remember, and everyone always wants to look their best! From stylish tuxedos to beautiful flowers, you want everything to be just right. Cameras will be flashing, taking photographs that will last a lifetime. However, it’s not only the … Continued

How to Straighten Teeth Without Braces

Don’t straighten your smile only to frown When considering teeth straightening treatment options, the choices can seem overwhelming. It is important to do your research for which treatment option is the best fit to straighten teeth. You know how important your smile is to you. When searching for the best way to straighten teeth, you … Continued

Clinic of the Month | Laser Sydney by Zina Sebastian

1. Hi Zina, we are delighted to have you in our PureSmile family. Can you please tell us a bit more about yourself? Hi, I’m Zina and I started Laser Sydney in 2012 with a mission to provide my clients with unique laser and beauty services that actually work! In my teen years, I suffered … Continued

Product of the Month | LOVEBYT by Tash Scutts

We sat down with Founder and CEO of LOVEBYT, Tash Scutts, to take a deep dive in all things health, beauty and wellness. Find out more about what inspires her to take care of herself everyday below! What is your background. I was the Head Buyer at Bassike for 8 years. Where do you go … Continued

Clinic of the Month | MBODY Aesthetics by Sharni Mancell

1. Hi Sharni, we are delighted to have you in our PureSmile family. Can you please tell us a bit more about yourself? My passion and career started in Dance where I spent most of my younger years studying and perfecting my craft. This then extended to my owning and managing an extremely successful dance, … Continued

Clinic of the month | PureSmile Goodwood

1. Hi Alexia, we are delighted to have you in our PureSmile family. Can you please tell us a bit more about yourself? I’m a Cosmetic Tattooist and Skin Therapist. I’m incredibly passionate about client outcomes and making sure all clients within my clinic are well looked after. Having my own business wasn’t an easy … Continued